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Welcome to HIDRO KROM Ltd.Co., the best place on the web for all of your cylinder needs.     HIDRO KROM Ltd.Co has been committed to manufacturing cylinders of unsurpassed quality.     The rugged design of HIDRO KROM cylinders has been proven in the toughest environments, including the steel, foundry, and truck tipping works. In addition to this HIDRO KROM`s excellent delivery and competitive price and you have the best value the industry has to offer. We would like to introduce HIDRO KROM one of the manufacturer  companies in the field of hydraulic cylinder design, hydraulic jack and ram manufacturing. We have been in business for about 8 years and our company is located in Konya City Of Turkey.                                               

HIDRO KROM Co. has been manufacturing various type hydraulic cylinders.

We are mainly manufacturing:

-Multi-purpose telescopic cylinders.

-Telescopic cylinders for trucks (in various capacities).

-Multi extension lifting cylinders for agricultural trailers.

-Heavy duty construction machinery cylinders.

-Dustcart cylinders.

-Control Valves.

-Hydraulic Pumps.

We manufacture on how cylinders work with the information required to build your specification. We are proud to support our customers and we follow our products closely. Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers.

Not Please! If you provide technical drawings we can accept your special orders                           We thank you for visiting our recently updated web site. Fluid power distributors and cylinder repair houses please contact us for information on selling HIDRO KROM cylinders in your market.


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